event date

14 / 15 octobre 2022



event date

14 / 15 octobre 2022

Historiographies of the American Revolution

Amphi Uvelin, UniversitéJean Moulin Lyon 3

Académie des Sciences, Belles Lettres et Arts de Lyon

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14 / 15 octobre 2022

This two-day event in Lyon was dedicated to past and recent « Historiographies of the American Revolution », with four plenaries and three panels addressing the most recent turns in the historical issues and methods in the study of the American Revolution, including constitutionalism, gender, imperialism, settler colonialism, anticolonialism and transatlantic perspectives. By all acounts a rich and friendly event, with Jack Greene and Michael Hattem online, and in person, from left to right on the photograph, Patrick Spero, Pierre-François Peirano, Hugo Toudic, Florence Petroff, Trevor Burnard, Frederic Herrmann, Agnes Delahaye (organizer), Bertrand Van Ruymbeke, Steven Sarson (organizer), Serena Zabin, Caroline Laplace, Leslie Tassery, Angel-Luke O’Donnell, and Donald Johnson.

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